Leadership Style With Vision and Focus – David Chitel, Founder of New Generation Latino

Leadership Style With Vision and Focus - David Chitel, Founder of New Generation Latino

Latinos are receiving a lot of recognition thanks to The visionary work of David Chitel, founder of New Generation Latino Consortium. I recently spoke with David who is also co-founder of the organization with John Leguizamo on Urbano TV. They will be hosting an New Generation Latino Marketing and Entertainment Conference at the Harvard Club in New York on April 11th. The panelists are the best and include Ana Flores, founder of Latina Bloggers Connect.

MC: Can you explain what New Generation Latino is?

DC DC: There are numerous ways that people can define their audience and can become confusing for people, and consequently making it difficult for people to design marketing plans specifically designed for the audience. The general population can range from 14 to 34 years old, from an media perspective. We also have people who are born in the US or were raised here and have been living here for at least 15 years , and are not natives of the United States.

There are many similarities and from a media perspective, it is essential to focus on these so that people can allocate budgets. That’s what my business is all about, bringing clarity to this and to implement them because it’s too large of a market that is easily lost in the noise because it’s not easily defined by the standing. It’s more about the lifestyle and culture.

M.C.: I am a part of Latism.org community. Latinos in Social Media. We recently held a twitter event focused on women who are Latina. The main topics mentioned were the lack of role models for leadership, the importance of the idea of education and taking away down some of the stereotypes that are commonly associated with females as sexual symbols. Are there any ideas that you’re taking to address these concerns?

DC DC: I’m bringing clarity to the market for media to let people know, “This market exists. I require a particular advertisement to get that market.” Or “I must be creating entertainment that is relevant to the market. “

From that, my wish is that there are more role models to come to the forefront. We have plenty that show role models however there’s no condensation of this that is actionable. Latism is certainly one of the examples, and so am I as too. However, there’s no specific one to cater to Latinas. I strive to bring Latinas and Latinos on a high-profile stage at my conferences.

For instance I am the owner of Rosie Perez who is a famous Latina. She will speak about her life at the conference and will be scheduled get interviewed with Jackie Hernandez, who is the Chief Operating Officer at Telemundo clearly a highly prestigious job she has.

Therefore, my wish is to continue to gather individuals who have been through to another side, so that others who wish to be just like them can listen to their stories. This will help to move things forward. I will also do that with Urbano TV. At the moment, NGLC is more of an enterprise platform. Urbano TV is more of an entertainment platform.

MC What is your definition of leadership and what would you tell the Latino young people about what you think leadership means to you?

DC In particular, speaking to emerging Latinos to understand the power they hold within themselves as well as a unit. We witnessed it during the recent elections, and now we can see it in the raw number of votes which Latinos represent. Particularly US born Latinos who make up the largest portion of Latinos and have an enormous amount of influence and are able to unite and make a difference collectively.

I’m saying that because there’s 23 distinct Latinos nationalities with various reasons to be here and in different regions. I’ve noticed it interesting that the Latino market in general tends to operate in various groups and has many successes across the many areas they focus on. If we could however join forces and strengthen our collective efforts, I think this would be extremely powerful.

This is going convey my thoughts to millenials specifically, because these are people who will drive ahead with the plan. I would certainly be proud to be part of it. However, I believe that we require more leaders and use their influence to benefit the entire. This is the way forward for to increase the African American population and we require more of it. This is what can make an impact.

M.C.: I just got your email today to Urbano TV and saw how you feature different individuals. I believe that’s great as it gives them confidence. Let us know what you know regarding Urbano TV.

DC The thing I will be making through Urbano TV is democratizing the process for future Latino content creators similar to what You Tube or other platforms have done, without the requirement to be published on the cover of magazines.

If they upload good content, it’s going to be noticed in the eyes of Latinos who are attracted. This is why I want to support content creators photographers, bloggers or bloggers who are attracted by the Latino audience , or are Latino themselves, or both. That’s the idea behind this platform. To put the control in the hands of us, and not any other. No one has done this in the world of journalism.

M.C.: As a visionary, what key elements can you reveal in order to transform your idea into reality?

DC to be able to manage getting something going you must do it with the right motivations and obviously, you want to be able to enjoy it last for the rest of your life. Otherwise, it will be difficult because there are many financial hurdles or logistical challenges and if you fail, you’ll be in doubt about yourself and others will question your.

You must be able see through all of that, and be able to see the ability to clearly get to where you want to go and be able to change. Some of the suggestions might not be helpful but some is good. You must be able to take in what you hear and then adjust on the right side so to speak.

I’ve already started and sold a business, and now that I am a little older and with some understanding of how it all works, naturally I’m an elder statesman i.e. older than 40. I’ve got a bit more patience, and I am aware that this is an event not the equivalent of a sprint. This is something you have to take your time with. It is essential to stay with the goal and be committed to it, regardless of the outside pressure who are trying to tell you otherwise.

MC: My website is named Mi Caminar, which means My Walk, and we all have a path to undertake in our lives What igpanel do you do to discover your inner peace?

DC I have lots of tranquility and grounding within my family, specifically my children, who keep me on my toes of the importance of being mindful and not take things too serious. I also find a large outlet through music. I am a guitarist. Physically, I participate in my New York City triathlon which involves a lot of work. This keeps me on track. I love setting crazy goals. I’ve never run five miles before jumping into an triathlon. I truly enjoy it.

MC: Given that you are helping the New Generation Latinos express their voices through the creation of a platform for them to share their voices and share their stories, what do you consider to be a fundamental thing they’re looking for?

DC DC: I believe Latinos are hoping to be reflected within the realm of entertainment and media and not in the manner that has been seen in the past, which was TV shows that originate from Latin America or TV shows that their parents and grandparents could watch. I believe they are more interested in things that are more culturally driven. I’m not talking about just Spanish commercial television but all market TV, films, and advertising… every single one throughout the spectrum.

I wrote about it earlier in the day. It was a great moment of clarity when I was viewing American Idol when Karen Rodriguez was one of 13 contestants performed Mariah Carey’s ” Hero”. She switched between English and back to Spanish and caused J Lo goose bumps.

While there were many Latinos on the track I believe she stole the show by displaying her true self and who she is in that track that really struck the nerves of. I think that more Latinos want at themselves in this way, confident and true to the person they are and where they come from. I’m not sure there’s enough of that. I’m excited to seeing more of it.